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Real Estate Services

    First Time Home Buyers
If you're a first time home buyer, you're probably a little nervous about the prospects of buying a new home. You're not alone. Thousands of people have done it and survived. You can too! 
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    Buying, Selling or Refinancing Your Home
Our experience includes single family residences, condominium, duplexes, triplexes, apartment buildings, vacant lots, cottages, industrial and commercial properties, shopping centers, strip malls and office complexes.
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    Legal Fees and Disbursements
Legal fees are what a lawyer charges you for acting on your behalf. It is a service fee. He or she must pay all of the overhead expenses including rents, insurance, professional dues, equipment and personnel from this. 
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    Land Transfer Tax (LTT)
Land Transfer Tax (LTT) is a tax charged by Ontario to buyers of real estate at the time a deed is tendered for registration with the Land Titles Office. It is sometimes called the "Welcome Tax". More ->
    Title Insurance: What You Need To Know
Title insurance is an alternative to a solicitor's opinion that protects purchasers and lenders from the risks inherent in real estate transactions. 
Title Insurance for this firm is handled by Stewart Title.
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