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Real Estate Lawyers

    Real Estate Lawyers
A real estate lawyer will help you to ensure a smooth transaction whether you are buying or selling a home, condo, or commercial property.  Real estate lawyers specialize in the law that covers transactions between real estate brokers & sellers.  In any real estate transaction a real estate lawyer will have to deal with the deed, the bill of sale, mortgage, promissory note, title commitment and the closing statement.  Your real estate lawyer will help you to prepare and evaluate all of the documents necessary to complete a transaction efficiently and correctly.  Real estate lawyers usually attend the closing with the buyer and seller.  At this time real estate lawyers review all of the closing documents and make any changes to the documents that are required.  Once the closing is complete, your real estate lawyer will deal with the recording of the deed, mortgage, or any other necessary documents.

Before entering into any contract you should consult with your real estate lawyer.  Most likely, buying your home will be the largest and most important purchase that you will ever make.  Working with a real estate lawyers will help to minimize your risks.  Real estate lawyers will be able to provide assistance with bankers, title and mortgage officers, house inspectors, and anyone else involved in the transaction.

Real estate lawyers can provide expertise when you enter into an agreement with a real estate broker who acts as an agent for individuals that are selling real estate.  There are several common real estate contracts that are signed between a real estate broker and an individual selling property.   Real estate lawyers will advise you on which contracts offer greater protection to the seller, or to the real estate broker.

Real estate lawyers can also handle the transactions for timeshares.  According to real estate lawyers, timesharing is an arrangement that gives you the right to use property for a limited, pre-planned period of time.  There are deeded and non-deeded timesharing plans.  Real estate lawyers will advise you that with a deeded timeshare you buy an ownership interest in a piece of real estate.  If real estate lawyers assist you in the purchase of a non-deeded timeshare, you will be buying a lease that allows you to use the property for a specific amount of time each year for a pre-determined number of years.  Consult with real estate lawyers with respect to potential complications such as restrictions on resale.  Always have real estate lawyers review all pertinent documents before you proceed with any transaction.

Real estate lawyers can provide invaluable assistance with commercial leases.  It is not common to require the services of real estate lawyers for residential leases because there is a large body of laws governing the relationship between a tenant and a landlord under a residential lease.  However, real estate lawyers should be consulted when negotiating the terms of a commercial lease which is a business transaction under the law and does not offer the same degree of protection as a residential lease.

Arrange for a consultation with a real estate lawyer prior to beginning your transaction.  A real estate lawyer can take the worry out of your real estate transaction by offering professional advice and expertise.  Your real estate lawyer will explain the legal issues as they relate specifically to your transaction.  A real estate lawyer will ensure that the legal aspect of your transaction is taken care of professionally, affordably and on time.


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